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A world of data just a click away

Data collection has never been so simple


Gateway facilitates the capturing, curating, decorating and broadcasting of production data on edge. Watch video to learn more.


Unlock data from equipment on the floor

Computer Robot


Detect connections automatically or manually edit information.

Data on a Touch Pad


Focus on what matters, simplify and analyze your production line.

Person Analyzing Data


Connect to OT and IT, providing a flexible solution, regardless of the communication protocols.

Gateway runtime

Includes the VITESSE controller

- Energy saving design

- Intel 2.5 GHz Quad Core™

- Embedded AI hardware acceleration

- 6x Industrial I/O, digital & analog

- Dual gigabit Ethernet, UHD HDMI, USB3, USB-C

Gateway cluster (3 runtimes)

See our recommendations for hardware

Finally, access your equipment data

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