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  • Stephanie Tran

Former Tesla Heavy Duty Truck President Jerome Guillen Joins Full Speed Automation as Advisor

Updated: Oct 23

March 16, 2022

In the recent years, Jerome Guillen, the former President of Heavy Duty Truck at Tesla, has taken on a new role as an "Investor, Advisor" at Full Speed Automation, a California-based automation company. Guillen's departure from Tesla was confirmed in June 2021, and he brings with him a wealth of experience from his time at the electric automaker.

Full Speed Automation, the company Guillen has joined, is on a mission to modernize manufacturing processes by leveraging modern software practices. The company's founder, Luc Leroy, has a strong background in innovative engineering and played critical roles during Tesla's Model 3 production phase.

For more details on this exciting development and Jerome Guillen's role, you can read the full article here. Guillen's move to Full Speed Automation is a significant step in the world of automation and manufacturing, and it will be interesting to see how his expertise contributes to the company's future endeavors.

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