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No Code Manufacturing, Just Chat

Updated: Oct 23

The Latest Innovation in industrial robotics from VITESSE Automation [Los Gatos, 09/27/2023]

At VITESSE Automation, we pioneer no-code and natural language programming in the field of Smart Manufacturing Automation. We are proud to announce a groundbreaking update that promises to transform the manufacturing industry. With a focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP) using large language models (LLM), we are unveiling a cutting-edge integration that merges the power of AI with the manufacturing process.

Humans Take Control: VITESSE chatBot and the assembly line

In this remarkable demonstration, the R&D team at VITESSE Automation showcases the interaction between humans and legacy machines. Our NLP Demo features an AI-powered chatbot integrated into our Digital Twin, that can control conveyors, robots, and sensors with natural language commands. This innovation empowers operators who understand the process: they can now simply talk to the robots and other equipment on the floor to effortlessly control or program manufacturing and intra-logistics processes.

Connected AI to Creator

In a bid to empower every individual with mastery over AI, we have successfully connected the AI to our digital twin creation and simulation tool: VITESSE Creator.

This integration allows users to create objects inside Creator, map it to the physical world, and manipulate the system via voice commands:

Leverage the AI to manipulate and program robots

Once the environment has been setup in VITESSE Creator, simulating or connecting to the equipment to be used on the floor, the operator can simply manipulate these components intuitively, using natural language to program:

Making AI safe for industrial equipment

Natural language processing and AI can be a dangerous formula to empower workers on the floor, particularly if they don't necessarily understand the dangers associated with robots and high power equipment. Even experimented engineers can make mistakes, leading to product waste or worse: collisions.

With VITESSE, the AI manipulates the Digital Twin which keeps control of the physical equipment, ensuring a layer of defense on top of the safety that should be deployed on the equipment itself.

During the demonstration below, the engineer requested a pose that the robot cannot safely execute. VITESSE caught it up and prevented the robot from even attempting to execute the unsafe move:

A modern industrial robot, with the right software package, will be capable of detecting the boundary condition do never meet, and would stop. In most cases, it would result into a safety violation leading to sensitive downtime...

About VITESSE Automation

VITESSE Automation’s commitment to simplifying complex industry operations. Users no longer need to invest time in training or teaching AI. Through chatting commands with chat bots such as ChatGPT, we're enabling industry professionals to perform tasks seamlessly. Our technology is democratizing the manufacturing industry, making it accessible to all.

At VITESSE Automation, we are thrilled to lead the charge in redefining manufacturing and intra-logistics. This innovation exemplifies our commitment to creating a future where technology empowers everyone.

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