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A superior manufacturing automation architecture 

The VITESSE edge automation platform is the horizontal layer that seamlessly binds production equipment on the floor to edge and cloud OT and IT software services. VITESSE brings plug-and-produce interoperability to today's incompatible multi-vendor production floors.


VITESSE is a clean-sheet architecture built on top of widely deployed open source web components, including Kubernetes, Docker, efficient MQTT publish/subscribe communication, Sparkplug B, Grafana visualization, and connection to a variety of local or cloud databases. It enables redundant compute clustering on edge with real-time responsiveness required by industrial processes.


VITESSE supports widely deployed industrial standards and protocols, including EtherCat, ModBus, MQTT, Sparkplug B, OPC-UA, ADS and S7.

VITESSE apps: Plug-and-produce interoperability


Automatic equipment discovery and connection to VITESSE and 3rd parties


Real-time data capture, streaming, and visualization of manufacturing processes


No code process design and orchestration for machines and production lines

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Produce more, code less

VITESSE enables production teams to use drag-and-produce graphical process design to control and improve manufacturing flows.

Unlock your data

VITESSE unlocks siloed production data and automatically creates visualizations to allow  real-time monitoring, rapid recovery and process improvement.

Go local, go agile

On-demand local manufacturing is vital for the future and our planet's health. Bring up agile facilities in a fraction of the time with VITESSE.

Case study:
Automation without experts


Created in 1964, GYS is a French industrial group with more than 900 employees worldwide and a cutting-edge research center. GYS is a major player in the design and manufacture of welding equipment, battery chargers, and body repair systems. GYS partnered with Full Speed Automation to improve automation for existing lines and to automate an upcoming new production facility.


"Imagine being able to automate your processes without being an automation expert. At GYS, we had this incredible experience with a production team member, without any automation training, who was able to learn and deploy VITESSE in just 20 minutes! And the best part is that VITESSE is now accessible to all departments in the company, allowing everyone to optimize their lines," explains Etienne Pasquet, head of robotics at GYS.

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