Full Speed Automation Acquires Niagara Tech, Rebrands as Vitesse Automation

January 24, 2024

Exciting news emerges from the heart of tech innovation as Full Speed Automation, a dynamic start-up with roots in Los Gatos, CA, and Angers, France, announces its acquisition of Niagara Tech ("Niagara"). Spearheaded by Luc Leroy, former head of Core Automation Engineering at Tesla, this strategic move is poised to accelerate the evolution of Vitesse: the pioneering no-code platform for data, programming, and orchestration in industrial production.

Uniting to leverage respective strengths

The collaboration between Niagara and Full Speed Automation is a seamless integration, uniting companies with complementary expertise. Niagara offers effortless, real-time access to production data, while Vitesse Automation utilizes this data to dynamically orchestrate production processes.

Moving forward, the Vitesse platform empowers manufacturers to seamlessly connect their production systems, analyze data, and subsequently reconfigure production lines based on real-time insights.

All achieved without writing a single line of code.

Advancing a common vision and driving ongoing innovation

Empower users on the factory floor to reassert authority over production processes, leveraging data intelligently through a "low code / no code" methodology. This initiative aims to disrupt the status quo enforced by industry giants and their closed proprietary systems.

Accelerating with Vitesse's momentum

As the Vitesse platform continues to expand across continents, including North America and Europe, and serves a diverse clientele spanning industries such as aerospace, high-value manufacturing, mobility, batteries, industrial machinery, and luxury goods, our aspirations extend to embracing new sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and agriculture.

With this acquisition, our goal is to assist nearly 100 manufacturers over the next 24 months in:

  • Decreasing energy consumption
  • Enhancing raw materials management
  • Minimizing machine downtime
  • Reducing maintenance costs

Don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any of these problems!

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