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The industry's first no code manufacturing automation platform

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Digitize. Optimize. Scale.

Digitization. Local manufacturing. Production agility. Energy optimization.

A better future requires local, agile production with smart digitization. Unfortunately, today's manufacturing automation often takes too long, is too expensive, and requires too many scarce programming experts.


Enter VITESSE, a modern no code automation platform designed to tackle the most difficult automation initiatives. Increase quality, add agility and reduce costs with no code automation. Easily integrate low code routines as required. Give control back to your factory team. Adapt and grow your business with local, scalable manufacturing.


The VITESSE no code automation platform accelerates the digital manufacturing revolution!

Less coding, more production

Up to 70%

Cost reduction

Up to 50%

Bring-up time reduction

Up to 90%

Coding time reduction

French Equipment Manufacturer

"In a few weeks, we did what would have taken us 9 months with a line builder."

German Equipment Manufacturer

"It’s magic! Shocking you can just connect and orchestrate devices from different manufacturers in a few clicks…" 

EV Manufacturer, US

“I love the interface and its efficiency! VITESSE is what we need for material flow in cell manufacturing"

Our Partners

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