Effortlessly link your production system in moments

Discover and connect your sensors, CNCs or PLCs effortlessly.

Brands: Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric...
Protocols: MODBUS TCP, S7, OPC UA...

Liste de protocoles et marques supportées : 
- Siemens S7
- Ethercat
- Fanuc
Bases de données

Securely store your data anywhere with just a few clicks.

Unlock data accessibility: Share data across diverse destinations, including databases like Azure, AWS, GCP, Data Lakes, and Unified Namespace.

Link your business applications and software to your production in real time

Connect your software suite (ERP, MES, etc.) via API Rest or GraphQLSynchronize with your Unified namespace via our event-driven connectors (Kafka, Redpanda)

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