Vitesse Controller

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Robust and Durable

Crafted from 6063-T6 recycled aluminum and fortified with a 6 mm polycarbonate light beam, the Vitesse controller boasts an impenetrable bulletproof design.

Incorporating soy-based plastic for internal components and I/O ports, this controller champions eco-friendly in its construction.

Designed with user-friendly and straightforward maintenance in mind, the Vitesse controller promotes reusability, contributing to a sustainable economy.

*Ballistic reports show a displacement of less than 8 mm when the metal extrusion is fired from a 9 mm handgun at 20 meters.

Contrôleur Vitesse
Contrôleur Vitesse avec son faisceau illuminé en vert.

Integrated light beam

Eliminate the necessity for a stack light to monitor industrial equipment status.

The Vitesse controller's built-in light beam effectively communicates the operational status of machinery and processes to the surrounding environment.

Managed automatically based on process conditions such as running, faulty, or inactive, it offers easy customization through simple programming using R, V, B values, and timers to suit specific requirements.

Integrated emergency power supply

Equipped with a built-in backup battery, the Vitesse controller can sustain operations for up to one hour following a power outage.

This feature not only supports ongoing monitoring and diagnostics but also guarantees swift resumption of operations.

Additionally, progressive shutdowns provide added safeguarding against hardware failures.

Contrôleur Vitesse
3 contrôleurs Vitesse

Resilient operations

Deploy multiple controllers in a cluster configuration to ensure high availability during operations.

Core specs

  • Compact industrial controller - 142 x 102 x 38 mm
  • 2.5 GHz quad-core Intel processor, 4 GB RAM, up to 2 TB NVMe storage
  • 4TOPS AI gas pedal (Google Coral TPU ASIC)
  • Integrated power backup system, up to 1 hour autonomy
  • Integrated light beam for diagnostics and information (replaces chimney lamp)
  • EtherCAT Master compatible (Linux only)
  • 24 V DC 0.5 A power supply required
  • Integrated STM32 or Atmel32 microcontroller for deterministic controls
  • 6 integrated 24 V shielded I/Os
  • M12 connector for connecting devices and extending I/Os
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