Modernization of a pilot plant with Vitesse

February 16, 2024

Project background

Our client has created a pilot plant to evaluate and pave the way for the launch of their "gigafactory". This pilot facility, primarily overseen by engineers, has encountered significant challenges regarding flexibility and operational efficiency.

Identified challenges

  • The pilot plant, has created a dependency, requiring the integrator's intervention for every modification, often at a high cost.
  • The software and solutions implemented by the integrator were outdated, making it difficult for the in-house team to use them effectively.
  • The team lacked expertise in automation, especially in machine programming, which limited their ability to manage and modify existing systems.

In manufacturing environments, we often encounter a "black box" scenario. Despite having state-of-the-art production machinery, we struggle with flexibility in adjusting processes or accessing crucial data that could significantly enhance production efficiency.

Vitesse solution in action

  • The implementation of Vitesse empowered methods engineers to regain command over the machinery, providing them with the tools to make straightforward adjustments. This was made possible by enhancements to the visualization interface and the integration of no-code solutions on the programming front.
  • As modifications became more accessible, our client experienced a decrease in programming time and a boost in production capacity.
  • The team gained visibility and the ability to exploit the machine's internal data, leading to better overall performance from improved KPIs.
  • The introduction of more modern, ergonomic screens has improved operator efficiency, reducing the time spent on production and facilitating communication with engineers.
  • Our customer is planning a revolution in IT management. Thanks to Vitesse, we can facilitate the reception of "qualified" field data. As Vitesse is based on the latest generation technologies, interconnecting existing systems is child's play.

Outcomes and advantages

  • Customers now rely less on the integrator, achieving increased independence and flexibility in managing their pilot plant operations.
  • The simplicity of programming and the use of modern interfaces have resulted in a substantial enhancement of production efficiency.
  • The project proved successful, showcasing notable enhancements in production processes and machine management, all credited to Vitesse's innovative approach.


Our endeavor has showcased the transformative power of a modern and adaptable approach, exemplified by Vitesse, in turning a pilot factory into a beacon of efficiency and innovation, setting the stage for the company's future growth. Anticipating the opportunity to contribute to the Gigafactory project ahead.

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